Oven, Stove, and Range Tips and Information

Never attempt to repair your oven or stove unless you have the proper training.  It could be very dangerous You run the risk of seriously injured. A small outlet can carry enough current to kill  a person

There are preventive measures you can take to to reduce the need for repairs.  By not taking time to maintain your oven it could be using more electricity then needed. Follow these tips and you can prolong the life of your oven,stove or range and avoid costly repairs.

Money saving tips that will make your oven, stove or range and reduce your energy cost.

One thing you can do is keep your unit clean. Clean the control panel clean by removing the knobs and buttons and cleaning with a mild detergent clean the control panel with a non abrasive mild cleaner

You can use baking soda and a warm damp cloth. You can scratch the glass or porcelain if you use a abrasive cleaner

Your drip pans should be clean and shinny to properly radiate heat back. You should replace your drip pans every two years. And never cover with foil it can cause an electrical short.

Look for bubbles or blisters on the heating element if you see any this is a sign that the element is no good

You should clean the gaskets around the doors and if the gasket is brittle replace it.

If  your oven is a self cleaning unit do not use oven cleaner on the oven. If you use these tips you will prolong the life of your oven and avoid costly repairs.