Appliance Repair Specialist Gave Me Prompt Service

I bought my Kenmore gas oven back in 1996. After serving my household needs for 10 years my oven stopped keeping the temperature accurately and consistently. So I called  Appliance Repair Specialist. When I called them, after a few minutes on the phone with their customer service department, they suggested that I check if my gas valve was open all the way. Sure enough the gas line had bent after the oven was moved a week before the problem appeared. Some companies would try to make more money out of this situation, by sending a service tech to my house. But Appliance Repair  Specialist suggested the best solution for me, at the least possible cost to me, and I appreciate that.

Appliance Repair Specialist service is great.  Appliance Repair estimated exactly what needed to be done without try to sell me more then what I need. And they know everything about gas household appliances, especially Kenmore gas ovens.